23 Jan 2009

Which Other Books Should President Obama Swear On Next?

The news that President Obama's second swearing in didn't go quite as perfectly as planned has sent ripples of mirth around non-believers on the internet, as well as probably many non-Christians too. The blunder this time was that nobody could find a Bible, so Obama went ahead with swearing the Oath of Office without one. Nothing technically or legally wrong with that. Presidents Franklin Pierce and John Quincy Adams both swore on a book of law and in 1901 Theodore Roosevelt did not use a Bible, or any other book for that matter. So what's all the fuss about?

Well, a few comments I've read have suggested that, in order to reach out to as many Americans as possible, President Obama could do a daily swearing in with a different book of the day. And, the US being a democratic country, people should be allowed to vote on which books to choose - the greater the vote, the sooner it will be used.

So in the spirit of global harmony and reconciliation amongst faiths, let us join together and put forward the Best Swearing In Books in the World.

I will add to the poll as interesting and vaguely plausible suggestions are made.

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  1. How about "The Grapes of Wrath"?

  2. Thanks to all who've voted so far. Keep them coming! I know this blog is largely for non-believers but it has been bookmarked on some general sites. Even so, interesting to see the opinions.

    Best other book so far from other sources is the Washington Yellow Pages.


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