23 Jan 2009

President Obama Swears Second Oath But Without a Bible

As expected, Barack Obama did have to swear the Oath of Office a second time, this time in a more intimate setting with just a few of the press corp. However, some Americans may feel the new President has made yet another blunder by not swearing on the Bible. Amazingly, given the God-squad in America, not a bible was found anywhere near the swearing in. As the TimesOnline reported, one blogger snarled "Expect a third oath when bitter small town gun- and Bible-toting America finds out."

However, one commenter, Jeff from Sacramento quipped,"Why don't we make everyone happy and we can swear him in everyday and bring a stack of books each time." Now, does the second reading invalidate the first one, or should we take them as cumulative, or an average? Will half a Bible do?

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