14 Jan 2009

Scientists Accuse FDA of Acting Like Criminals Putting Public Health at Risk

This is a really serious issue and finally some scientists have the courage to speak out, perhaps hoping for some support from the new US President. The claim is that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) forces scientists to falsify results so that drugs can be approved, hence making large fat profits for pharmaceuticals and biotechs. Remember, these people are supposed to [i]protect[/i] the public.

This is really nothing new; one of my best friends at university refused to go into medical research as he saw exactly what was going on - and that's 20 years ago!

By forcing research scientists to falsify results the FDA managers in the pay of pharmacos are also putting the whole of science into disrepute. Everyone is making money out of this; the pharmacos, the FDA, the research labs, doctors also are encourage to prescribe new medicines, yes even the hapless scientists who are doing the research. For the scientists it not just a matter of conscience but also of livelihood, as they will be out of a job pretty quickly. The people who suffer are the general public being used as guinea pigs and who become the only real research subjects.

This also applies to the FDA overseeing the licensing of chemicals, pesticides and food additives in general, most of which are never put on labels and are also highly dangerous to health.

The scam is really quite simple and makes the pharmacos a bundle of money. Put chemicals into food, make people sick, sell them medicines that don't work, they get more sick, sell them more medicines, and so on. Scandalous, silent and lethal.

I will write further on this, but this is the number one health issue in the USA and other countries. Dangerous drugs are coming onto the market that are often designed to make people more sick than they already are. Couple this with the trend towards defining more and more vague diseases and we are marching towards a zombie nation. This will happen!

Article at Natural News

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