25 Jan 2009

Weekly Science and Religion News and Resources

Scientists want DNA tests on Galileo for "eye test". A strange feeling that this is motivated by the Catholic desire to clear themselves when some refused to look through Galileo's telescope arguing that it was the device producing the heretical observations.

Neurobiology of a hallucination From Neurophilosophy blog as well as

The delusional brain.

Coyne on the compatibility of science and religion From Pharyngula, and here is the original (and very long) article by Jerry Coyne, Seeing and Believing.

The Experimental Philosophy Wiki.

Psychedelic Research

The Experimental Philosophy Page of Joshua Knobe

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness eprints server from Caltech.

More will be added as the week progresses. Anything interesting do let me know.

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  1. Creationism defeated in Texas



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