14 Jan 2010

Pope John Paul II's Failed Assassin Claims He Is Agca the Messiah

Mehmet Ali Agca is the Turkish gunman who shot but failed to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981. On January 18 2010 he is due to be released from his prison in Ankara.

"For around 30 years I have been staying in cells on my own. I experienced hell on earth. But in spite of everything I am well. I feel good in myself both physically and psychologically," he said. Many have questioned this self-diagnosis as Agca seems to be on a quest to anoint himself as the new messiah.

On 13 January he released some hand-written notes through his lawyer; they show all the hallmarks of someone who has spent too long by himself. The notes call on Pope Benedict to announce the end of the world whilst at the same time ushering in a "new American Empire".

“I have read at least a thousand books, most of them scientific, during my time in prison. I have experienced great change and development as a result of a synthesis of experience and knowledge. I have understood world history. I have understood the nature of humanity." So what possesses someone who claims to have read mainly scientific books to then proclaim themself as "Agca the Messiah" and to plan on writing the "perfect Bible"?

There are, however, some facts that many would like cleared up. Why did Agca try to assassinate the Pope? Who was behind the plot and why? The accusations have always pointed to the old Soviet Union and their desire to limit the Pope's influence in Poland. But the ravings about America, the Vatican and the Bible point to either some serious brainwashing or to an altogether different hand behind this black operation.

Perhaps Agca will be safer back in his cell.

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