23 Jul 2009

Mormons may have posthumously baptized Obama's African ancestors

"Mormons have not only posthumously baptized President Barack Obama's mother into their faith, but they may have performed the ritual for the president's African ancestors as well, including his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, according to researcher Helen Radkey.

She has uncovered records in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's new FamilySearch database that include personalized identification numbers for Obama's relatives, including his father, Barack Obama Sr.

The president's father was Muslim, but later in life became a nonbeliever, according to the family." reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

Such baptisms of the dead are common practice by Mormons but usually performed at the request of a living family member. Radkey claims this is "offensive" because it sends the message that Obama's ancestors were of "inferior religious stock." Actually, I think it's offensive, full stop.

"The White House declined to comment, other than to say that Obama and LDS President Thomas Monson did not discuss the topic during their brief meeting Monday in the Oval Office.

During that meeting, Monson and apostle Dallin Oaks provided the president with a detailed genealogical report on his family presented in five leather-bound volumes." So... they didn't discuss a topic which seems the main reason for their meeting.

The Jesuits like to get you when you're young, but Mormons will try to get you even after you're dead!

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