6 Nov 2008

Was HIV-AIDS Manufactured by the US government?

I know you won't believe this, but it really is worth looking at the evidence.

I started researching this by accident as the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two scientists involved in discovering the HIV virus (the fact that others may well have done so before is another story). The propaganda machine of nearly all governmental agencies and pharmaceuticals has spun the story that HIV came from some accidental transmission of the virus from a simian to a human host somewhere in Africa.

The truth is altogether more disturbing. Numerous scientists who have not been paid off are also distressed that the genuine research to test the alternative hypotheses is almost impossible to get funded.

However, an official document came to light in 1999 under the Freedom of Information Act. For a brief background on Boyd Davies and his discovery see here. A HIV/AIDS timeline is available and the original 1971 report can be downloaded for a small fee (the man's gotta live!) However, the timeline gives enough details for the general public.

The main finding is that HIV was man-made by a secret Special Virus Program. The USA had some of its allies helping in the research. The live experiments were conducted in Africa and amongst New York's gays. The most likely vector for the HIV infection was a smallpox and hepatitis B vaccine. Monkeys were also infected at the same time in the same locations in Africa. It is possible that the virus was perfected by human to monkey to human experiments but the monkeys infected in Africa seem designed to present a future false genesis of the virus for propaganda purposes. The aim was to target blacks and gays. I know, shocking. But the proof is in the government documents.

There is more recent research that sheds light on the fact that HIV was manufactured and distributed by humans. I will write about it further but in the meantime you can read the articles at The Origin of AIDS.

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